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THINKWARE, a world-leading dash cam company, announced today the launch of its latest dash cam, the F200 PRO. The latest addition to THINKWARE’s F-series dash cam line, the F200 PRO is the next generation of its popular predecessor, the F200, featuring front-facing and front-and-rear facing cameras.

Available in 1CH 16GB ($139.99), 2CH 32GB ($199.99) and 2CH 32GB with GPS ($229.99) package bundles, the F200 PRO includes numerous upgrades and new features, including the addition of Super Night Vision, time lapse photography in parking mode and a full HD rear camera.

The F200 PRO also comes equipped with road safety warning system features, which include Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) plus high speed and urban Front Collision Warning System (FCWS/UFCWS) (Available when installing separate external GPS antenna).

The F200 PRO is designed to discreetly fit in any vehicle type and offers a wide view of the road with 1080p full HD resolution and a wide 140-degree field of view. It also comes standard with a Safety Camera Alert function to notify drivers of red light and speed cameras. (Available when installing separate external GPS antenna).

Also included is Energy Saving Parking Recording, which cuts battery drain in half, while also doubling its power duration.

Additionally, the F200 PRO’s time lapse photography function supports improved video storage methods and maintains continuous recording while the car is parked, instead of recording 20-second events triggered by motion detection or the camera’s g-sensor, 10 seconds before the trigger and 10 seconds after. It also records a 20-second clip upon detecting an impact.

With an intuitive interface, owners can easily control and manage their F200 PRO dash cam with built-in Wi-Fi via an iOS or Android phone app, providing a pain-free way to view, download, access or delete footage as well as enable firmware and safety camera updates via the app.

“The modern dash cam is much more than an in-vehicle recording device. It not only provides a wide range of features to handle complex driving conditions, but it also must meet the demands of increasingly tech-savvy consumer by being easy to operate on their smartphones,” stated Brian Yang, Thinkware’s Director of North American Business Development. “Combining advanced safety features, Super Night Vision, and energy-saving solutions, the F200 PRO ticks all the boxes for what drivers need on the road, while also offering greater connectivity, intuitive management from their smartphones, and convenient access to footage on their devices.”

The F200 PRO available on the US Thinkware and on Amazon website and will be available starting in May at Best Buy online and in-store, as well as other specialty retailers.

For more information, visit the Thinkware website at

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