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THINKWARE Launches Its First 4K Dash Cam, the U1000

Thinkware, a world-leading dash cam company, announced today the launch of its U1000 dash cam, the first Thinkware camera to feature Ultra HD 4K resolution. The U1000 also is the first to come equipped with Energy Saving 2.0, a revolutionary development of its parking that drastically lowers power consumption.

Thinkware’s highest resolution dash cam to date, the U1000 offers clear and detailed video in both the front and rear cameras, whether day or night. With Ultra HD 4K resolution available in the front camera, it offers four times more pixels than Full HD and a wide 150-degree viewing angle. The U1000 also supports dynamic 2K Quad HD recording at 60 frames per second in both the front and rear cameras.

For night-time driving, the U1000 also includes Super Night Vision 2.0. Using Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology, Super Night Vision 2.0 allows for recording clear video in any low-light situation, such as dark alleys, parking lots, or low lit streets.

Another first for the U1000 is Energy Saving 2.0, a new parking mode that greatly improves efficiency of electricity consumption. With the parking modes in previous generation of dash cams, the low power mode (Energy Saving) is operated at an average of 64.1mA, but the ultra-low power mode (Energy Saving 2.0) of U1000 is operated at 7.8mA which improves power efficiency and extends power retention time while in parking mode. And for immediate visibility when an impact is detected, the U1000 will wake up within a second and immediately record for the next 20 seconds.

Another added benefit of Energy Saving 2.0 is the radar detection feature. When the radar detects a moving object within its range, the dash cam will turn off the energy-saving mode and prepare for impact recording. If an impact occurs within a 30-second window, the dash cam will save 20 seconds of video of before and after the impact. In the case of when an impact isn’t detected, the dash cam will switch back to energy saving mode. An optional radar module is needed to access this feature.

The U1000 also includes Thinkware Cloud standard. Connecting to a smartphone via WiFi, it connects U1000 owners to their vehicles through Thinkware’s app, offering features such as:

- Live View - Vehicle status can be monitored real-time with the smartphone while driving.

- Geo-Fencing – Users can set geographical zones, allowing for notifications when the vehicle drives in and out of the pre-selected boundaries. Practical for the parents, rental companies, and fleet management.

- Locate Vehicle – Users can always know where their vehicle is located, with status updates of the vehicles current location every 10 seconds, fully integrated with Google Maps.

- Driving/Parking Impact Notification – Provides vehicle impact notifications and the ability to remotely check 20 seconds of video of incidents via the cloud.

The U1000 also comes equipped with other advanced features, such as:

- A wide-ranging smartphone connectivity feature, allowing users to connect to their U1000 to check, download or delete recorded images, upgrade firmware, or update safe driving information via the exclusive Thinkware app.

- Built-in GPS and built-in WiFi

- Advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology

- Safety Camera Alert and Automatic Exposure

- Road Safety Warnings System – Includes Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Front Collision Warning System (FCWS), Urban Front Collision Warning System (uFCWS), and Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW)

- Time-Lapse recording at 2 frames per second to help reduce video file size

- A variety of recording modes, including continuous, incident, manual and the new Energy Saving 2.0

“US drivers face a range of difficult situations and environments when driving, so dash cams have to be versatile enough and provide the right features to handle everything that is thrown at them on any given day,” stated Brian Yang, Thinkware’s Director of North American Business Development. “Combining advanced safety features, greater connectivity, and energy-saving solutions, the U1000 ticks all the boxes for what drivers need to face any type of condition, while also capturing every detail in crystal clear, Ultra HD 4K definition.”

In the US, the U1000 is priced at $399.99 US (1 Channel, 32GB Micro SD, Cigar jack power cable and standard items), and $499.99 US (2 Channel, 32GB Micro SD + Cigar jack & Hardwire power cable, CPL filter and standard items), The optional RADAR Sensor costs $89.99 US, available through individual & online channels.

In Canada, the U1000 is priced at $499.99 Canada (1 Channel, 32GB Micro SD, Cigar jack power cable, and standard items), and $649.99 Canada (2 Channel, 32GB Micro SD + Cigar jack & Hardwire power cable, CPL filter, and standard items), The optional RADAR Sensor costs $99.99 Canada, available through Best Buy Canada.

Official sales of the U1000 will begin on October 4

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