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THINKWARE Launches the F790 Dash Cam

THINKWARE, a world-leading dash cam company, announced today the launch of the F790 dash camera, the latest addition to THINKWARE’s F-series line of dash cams that’s built for both commercial and consumer use.

New to THINKWARE dash cam’s lineup, the F790 comes with a secure, yet detachable mounting system with a fully matte black finish. This allows for easy mounting and dismounting of the dash cam, while also maintaining a sense of sleekness and discreetness in design with a clean integration of cables.

The F790 offers the crisp definition that’s been a hallmark of THINKWARE dash cams with 1080p Full HD front and rear cameras. The F790 also ensures top-notch video quality for night driving with Super Night Vision 3.0, which combines low-light recording technology and HDR to improve nighttime performance in both continuous and parking recording modes.

With the commercial and fleet management markets in mind, the F790 includes added features to help fleet management systems track vehicle conditions and maximize efficiency. For complete 360-degree surveillance, the F790 can also be paired with our Multiplexer module, allowing for the recording of five cameras altogether to cover every angle of your vehicle.

Other advanced features of the F790 include:

  • 1GHz Quad-Core CPU for premier processing power and optimized video quality

  • Dewarping video technology that allows the F790’s front camera to deliver a close-to -real image of the vehicle’s front view with minimal distortion, typically caused by a wide angle lens

  • Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity that enables the F790 to connect to both Android and iOS devices to review and download videos, and configure dash cam settings

  • Safety camera alerts with automatic database update via the THINKWARE Link app to notify drivers of upcoming red light and speed cameras

  • ADAS alerts (FVCW, LDWS, FVDS and low-speed FCWS) for increased driver safety

  • Parking mode - impact and motion detection, time-lapse and ultra-energy saving mode providing up to 24 days of duration recording

  • HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) format can compress high-resolution video files 1.7 times more efficiently than the Advanced Video Coding format, minimizing video file size while still retaining the original video quality

  • Video feed for the second channel, to drive an external monitor for DVS compliance or rear-view camera applications

“Both the commercial and consumer dash cam markets in the US are experiencing huge growth as the public becomes increasingly aware of the advantages of having a dash cam,” said Brian Yang, THINKWARE’s Director of North American Business Development. “As a leader in the dash cam space, THINKWARE is continually innovating with newer and smarter products. The F790 adds to this legacy, marking THINKWARE’s best dash cam yet for fleet management and for consumers seeking a dash cam that combines a modern design with powerful features.”

As the highest selling dash cam brand in the competitive Korean market, THINKWARE’S award-winning products are available in both the US and Europe. The F790 is available in the US and Canada starting at $199.99 USD and $269.99 CAD respectively, available on the THINKWARE website, Amazon, and other specialty online retailers.


Global IT Corporation THINKWARE DASH CAM was founded in Korea in 1997. Through consistent research and development in the field of smart car technologies, THINKWARE DASH CAM has established itself as the market leader in various sectors such as dash cams, electronic maps, navigation, and mobile applications.

Spearheading the competition with world-class image processing technologies and intuitive, user-friendly interface, THINKWARE DASH CAM debuted in the US market in 2014. THINKWARE DASH CAM has confirmed it will be exporting their DASH CAM lineups into 17 other countries including US, Canada, UK, and Japan.

THINKWARE DASH CAM has continued to astound the industry with its world-class DASH CAM lines during their presence at global exhibitions like CES, SEMA, and The Gadget Show Live. For CES 2017, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, THINKWARE received the Innovation Award of the Year for excellence in technology and design. The company has also received the IF Design Award and IDEA Award Finalist in 2017, as well as the Red Dot Design Award in 2017.

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